Welcome to Dental Pros of Utah

Dental Pros of Utah was established by Dr. Michael Criddle to make modern “Biomimetic Dentistry” more readily available to the public. This type of dental care is designed to conserve natural tooth structure, and to provide comfortable and affordable dental procedures that mimic real dental anatomy.

Many traditional dental procedures such as full crowns, root canals, silver amalgam and even many tooth colored fillings, unnecessarily remove too much healthy tissue in the process. This resultant destruction of so much natural tooth structure can lead to fractures, tooth aches, and tooth loss. Modern research has demonstrated there is a better way to treat dental disease and preserve dental health. These scientific findings have led to the establishment of restorative principles and techniques that keep teeth far more healthy and mimic nature: Biomimetic Dentistry.

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The main objective of Biomimetic Dentistry is to respect your teeth as a living, vital and important tissue and to keep them healthy for a lifetime. By using minimally invasive techniques, tissue preservation and disinfection during the process, there is less insult to healthy tissue. The teeth are then rebuilt from the inside out, using exacting techniques that strengthen rather than weaken teeth. Very select materials are placed incrementally, layer by layer, until the tooth looks and feels like a normal tooth. The Biomimetic dentist has a goal to closely match the physical properties of each layer of a natural tooth. Even severely decayed teeth with significant damage, such as fractures, can quite often be restored with modern stress-reduced, fiber reinforced adhesive restorations, rather than expensive full crowns and root canals.

Dr. Criddle graduated with honors from BYU with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. He attended Northwestern University Dental School, winning the prestigious Pierre Fauchard Award upon graduation. With now over 30 years of private dental practice experience he still regularly attends continuing education conferences with world-wide dental experts to keep up on advancements in patient care. As a member of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry he is among less than 2% of dentists in the world who regularly employ Biomimetic Dentistry techniques.

Dr. Criddle’s goal is to provide each patient with affordable, high quality, minimally invasive Biomimetic Dental Care.