Biomimetic Dentistry

There is a more cost effective and healthy way to save and treat your teeth. It’s called Biomimetic Dentistry and only 2% of all dentists in the world use these techniques. Biomimetic Dentistry, mimics natural tooth anatomy by incrementally rebuilding the tooth layer by layer.

Cost Advantages

Preservation vs fillings crowns and root canals

You go to the dentist for a regular check up. They say you have an issue,  fillings are performed, crowns get placed and then you get a root canal. Dentists often prescribe these procedures after each visit. They are costly and unnecessarily destroy existing healthy tissue. This destruction often leads to greater complications, including more root canals and even tooth loss.

In Biomimetic Dentistry natural tooth structure is considered sacred and to be preserved whenever we can. As it is preserved, reinforced, and then tooth structure is rebuilt from the inside out. This type of dental treatment requires extra time, skill, education and is more affordable than placement of a full crown. Often times, even teeth with fractures can be restored without full crowns through incremental biomimetic procedures.

Finally, the next part though hard to discuss and shocking to say, is true: Many dental procedures performed in the vast majority of dental practices cause more serious problems than they solve. Sadly, overly aggressive tooth reduction and something called “extension for prevention” done with the high speed drills have been the standard techniques taught for decades in dental schools. This philosophy has lead dentists to remove healthy and important tooth anatomy and leave in it’s wake structurally unsound teeth. Far too many well meaning dentists cause some of the most serious dental problems people face in their lives by doing these overly aggressive reduction techniques. Even though good science and research have shown a better way, dental board exams still test on dated standards and the schools teach the students how to pass boards, not what the science says.

Worse even than dentists ignoring the evidence, are the dental practice management experts who sell greed and profit motives to dentists. They encourage dentists to place more and more crowns ,and do more invasive procedures because they bring in more money. This nasty cycle is destructive to your teeth and hard on your pocket book. It is also a disgrace to the noble profession dentistry can and should be. As a patient you deserve far better.

In a highly ethical biomimetic dental  office, you can be assured everything is done to preserve your natural tooth anatomy rather than remove or destroy it. Our goal is for you to have zero crowns and zero root canals whenever possible and for you to keep your natural teeth throughout your life.

Questions and Answers:

The use of the “high speed” drill to cut into teeth, is greatly reduced and sometimes completely eliminated in biomimetic fillings. It is very common for us to use micro abrasion techniques. This technique utilizes an intra oral “sand blaster” to selectively prepare the tooth with far less trauma. This process removes only the soft decay, unhealthy or diseased tooth structure while preserving healthy enamel and dentin. Many times it can be used without local anesthetics because far less insult to the nerve occurs. Additionally, teeth are generally less sensitive after treatment. The high speed Drill may be used at the end of the procedure merely to shape the filling, adjust the bite or polish the tooth.

The answer is really the same as answering, are all cars or homes the same?

We all know that some homes are built with high quality materials and on solid foundations. Others are literally thrown up as fast as the builder can do it and far less care is taken to assure a quality product.

Likewise most dentists do tooth colored fillings in only two or three steps. They drill bond and fill the tooth. The average lifespan of these sort of tooth colored filling is 5 to 7 years.They often have temperature or bite sensitivity, due to the quick way they are placed for several weeks after being placed.

When a biomimetic filling is placed, we take into account the natural properties of each layer of normal teeth and try to match each layer. This may take an extra 15 to 20 minutes to accomplish. Extra care and attention to detail is given to each step of the process. Specialized fibers (see below: Ribbond) are used to line the internal surfaces which gives great strength and flexibility to the tooth. Then small increments of filling materials are placed layer by layer in specific way that increases both durability and longevity of the tooth. Biomimetic fillings last many times longer , usually 20 to 30 years and our expectation is to have them last a lifetime.

The same ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers (UHMWP) used to make Ribbond are also used for making bulletproof vests. UHMWP fibers are extremely fracture-tough and damage tolerant.

Science Advantage

By using specialized materials and layering techniques you can virtually eliminate the need for full crowns and future root canals. Just as many medical procedures have become more conservative. Knee surgeries were once performed by opening up the knee, now they are less invasive with scopes.


After 10 years 20 - 30% of crowns will need root canals

2-3% of full crowns placed will require root canals each and every year thereafter. Meaning, that after 10 years 20 to 30 percent will need root canals.

Less than 2% of all practicing dentists employ biomimetic dentistry.

Biomimetic Dentistry, mimics natural tooth anatomy by incrementally rebuilding the tooth layer by layer and only 2% of all dentists in the world use these techniques.

Affordably preserving natural tooth structure